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How to Tell Real Samsung LED Diodes from Fake

The LED lighting industry saw significant developments in technology over the last ten years. However, in 2019, Samsung changed the game by introducing its high-quality diodes offering industry-leading performance.

With the technology quickly becoming the benchmark in the grow light industry, Samsung started seeing the emergence of counterfeit manufacturers advertising their products as genuine Samsung diodes.

If you’re planning your indoor garden and looking at lights, the last thing you want to do is purchase a counterfeit product. Fake Samsung LEDs could end up costing you big time when it comes to harvesting your crop and the yield the plants present to you after months of growing.

We put together this guide on how to tell real Samsung LEDs from fake products.

Samsung Diode Sizing
The Samsung LED range features two primary series, the 285 and the 3030.
The 3030 series has diodes with dimensions of 3.0mm x 3.0mm. Similarly, the 2835 series comes with diode dimensions of 2.8mm x 3.5mm.

The 3030 diodes have a thicker, most robust appearance, and they are the top choice for many high-powered grow light systems. The 3030 Series diodes are also much wider than the 2835 Series, measuring 1.9mm, while the 2835 Series has 0.7mm thick diodes.

When avoiding counterfeit LEDs, the dimensions are a dead giveaway that you’re dealing with a fake. If the diodes don’t meet these standard Samsung dimensions, you’re probably buying a fake product.

Diode Types
The Samsung 3030 Series comes with different models under the range. The 3030 series features the 301H, 301B, and 301D LED models, and if you’re purchasing a product with a different model number, it’s probably not authentic. Counterfeiters can be clever, thinking that you won’t check the diode dimensions before making your purchase.

However, a well-trained eye can spot the fraud before handing over their hard-earned money to a scammer.
It’s important to note that all the 3030 Series diodes come with the standard 3×3 sizing. Always check the diode sizing before finalizing your purchase; if something looks off, walk away and find another retailer.

Diode Quantities
When purchasing your LED lighting system, check that the manufacturer includes genuine Samsung diodes. These diodes aren’t cheap, and you can expect to pay a decent premium for products carrying these high-quality LEDs. The reason for the high price point of these diodes is the quality of the design. When purchasing your preferred LED light, check for the quantity of the diodes available in the system.

The Samsung LM301H diode offers you the most expensive option, and it’s usually only found in top-quality commercial systems requiring the best performance and service life.

If your prospective light has fewer diodes than the cheaper models but a higher price tag, you know you’re dealing with high-quality LEDs and the best equipment available. If you’re unsure about the right LED setup and your prospective light is counterfeit, consult with online forums for answers.

There are dozens of online reviews for almost every light available. See what others are saying about the light before committing to your purchase.

LED Service Life
The high-performance and extended service life of Samsung diodes are one of the tech’s most impressive features. Samsung manufacturers all its diodes to benchmark quality standards where the diode can last up to 50,000-hours or more without losing intensity or efficiency.

Considering the performance of HID systems that require bulb changes every year, Samsung diodes offer an affordable alternative. However, these diodes are expensive, and as a result, most LED lighting systems using Samsung LEDs come with a hefty price tag.

While you’ll pay more upfront, you’re going to have a huge energy saving throughout the year that almost pays off the light itself. If you’re purchasing a high-quality lighting system from a reputable brand, you can expect to pay.

LED Pricing
However, if you come across a light that’s half the price of a model you were looking at, don’t fall for the trap.
The chances are that that light contains counterfeit Samsung LEDs that the manufacturer or marketing company are trying to pass off as genuine diodes.

You can always see these imitators by the lack of warranty they offer on their product. Many of the cheaper lights from China might not even come with any warranty at all. Top brands will offer you a five to ten-year warranty on the diodes, but you’re going to pay for it with a heavy price tag for the light.

Think about the future when considering if it’s worth it to make the leap and extend your budget to include Samsung didoes. Do you want the biggest, thickest, heaviest harvest, dripping with resin and calyxes the size of peanuts? Or are you willing to settle for second best?

We thought so; we go with genuine Samsung LEDs over any system, any time.

Wrapping Up – Choose a Genuine Samsung Retailer for Your Grow Light
By reading through this guide, you’ve given yourself the knowledge you need to detect fake Samsung LEDs in counterfeit products.

You’ll never have a manufacturer deceive you again, thanks to understanding the components of genuine Samsung diodes.

Remember, the critical considerations for spotting a fake are the size of the diode and the pricing. Check that the products you purchase come with a barcode, and newer models might have QR tags that let you verify the product’s authenticity.

The biggest top we can give you for avoiding fake Samsung diodes is to purchase your grow light from a reputable manufacturing brand and retailer. Shop our Samsung powered LED grow lights here.

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