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North Dakota Gets Enough Signatures For Ballot, Is This The Year Recreational Marijuana Goes Legal?

Recently reported by HighTimes, It’s looking like this year could be the year. The New Approach North Dakota group submitted a petition with over 25,000 signatures, 10,000 over what was needed to be placed on the ballot come November.

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Here is what we are able to find about from New Approach North Dakota’s Website:

Under our measure:

Individuals who are 21 and older will no longer be punished for using marijuana in the privacy of their home. The initiative allows adults to possess up to one ounce of cannabis, up to four grams of cannabis concentrate, and up to 500 milligrams of cannabis in an infused product. Adults may also cultivate up to three cannabis plants in a secure, enclosed location on their property.

Commonsense restrictions will stay in place. Public consumption of marijuana will not be allowed; driving under the influence will remain illegal; and individuals who give marijuana to minors will be punished.

Cannabis businesses will be regulated responsibly. The initiative establishes a system of registered dispensaries, manufacturers, and testing laboratories.

Cannabis products in North Dakota will be tested and safe. Each product will be analyzed to determine potency and screened for unsafe contaminants; marijuana will be tracked, traced, and accurately labeled in an inventory system from seed to sale.”

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