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How to Choose the Proper Grow Light for Your Indoor Garden

Designing an indoor garden consists of several components coming together to form the ideal environment for your plants. Your crop needs adequate air, water, nutrients, and light to thrive in the garden. While all four elements are essential for the optimal growth of your plants, light is often the most confusing, with so many options […]

How to Choose the Right Grow Tent Size

If you’re new to indoor gardening, you’re probably finding all the information regarding new tents, lights, fans, and climate control equipment quite confusing. Fortunately, we’re here to help you with your research. Choosing the right tent for your grow is one of the fundamental factors surrounding a successful crop come harvest time. You need the […]

The Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights vs HID Lighting

Log onto any indoor gardening forum, and you’ll notice a couple of threads discussing the endless debate of HID vs. LED lighting. However, some gardeners swear by HID, stating they can’t get the same results with LED systems. On the other side of the coin, LED users think that they get better results with these […]

Top 10 Things to Look for When Buying a Grow Kit

If you’re looking to start an indoor garden, you need to consider all the basic components of sustaining plant life. Setting up your garden and growing pan can seem intimidating, from the growing area to the types of nutrients you feed your plants. Fortunately, manufacturing brands are offering you complete grow kit setups. A complete […]

How to Tell Real Samsung LED Diodes from Fake

The LED lighting industry saw significant developments in technology over the last ten years. However, in 2019, Samsung changed the game by introducing its high-quality diodes offering industry-leading performance. With the technology quickly becoming the benchmark in the grow light industry, Samsung started seeing the emergence of counterfeit manufacturers advertising their products as genuine Samsung […]

Basic Beginners Guide to Indoor Gardening

With the weather being sporadic, taking a chance with growing outdoors is risky. Rain, wind, hail, and pests are always a threat to your plants, and you could end up losing your crop. Growing indoors presents the gardener with a safe, secure, and controlled environment for their plants. We put together this basic beginner guide […]

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