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We have a selection of LED grow lights to suit any operation. We are confident we have the right lighting systems to suit your requirements, from small beginner setups to large commercial installations. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.

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Showing all 8 results

We Carry a Comprehensive Range of LED Grow Light Solutions for Indoor Gardeners

We strive to be your preferred choice for everything you need for indoor lighting equipment for your operation. Our selection of LED lights comes with full-spectrum, dual-mode options and top-quality diodes that provide long service life.

The Best Selection for Advanced and Beginner Growers
At Primal Grow Gear, you get a comprehensive range of indoor gardening equipment for any setup requirement. We carry some of the leading products in indoor LED grow lights, with a selection of personal and industrial equipment to suit the smallest home systems or the largest commercial grows.

Primal Grow is your one-stop-shop shop for everything you need to set up any grow room. Our professional-quality lights come with high-quality circuitry and diodes, ensuring you get a long service life and the best results with your harvest.

Please browse our selection and reach out to our service team if you need any assistance with custom light setups. From a single 3-foot tent to entire warehouse lighting systems, we do it all.

Grow Lights FAQ
Q: Is it better to choose HID or LED lighting for my grow tent?
A: We would recommend LED to our clients. LED lights are more affordable to run, and you get the same results as HID with todays modern diode technology. LED might have more of an upfront cost, but you’ll have huge savings on your electricity usage compared to an HID system.

Q: How do I size my grow light to my tent?
A: According to industry standards, LED users will need between 30 to 50-Watts per square foot of tent floor. So, if you have a typical 3-foot x 3-foot tent, you would need around 220-Watts for vegging and around 450-Watts for flowering.

Q: Does Primal Grow sell top-quality grow lights?
A: Yes, we only work with premium brands for all our grow products, including our indoor grow lights. Our series features design and construction with durable materials, energy-efficient components, and high-quality diodes. Our Light bar LED systems are powered by Samsung diodes. We’re confident that you’ll get years of service life out of your new light. All LED lighting systems have a 5 year warranty.