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Looking for an affordable high quality grow tent? We have small grow tents (most fit in a closet) all the way up to large commercial sized tents. No matter your needs, we got you covered.

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Showing all 8 results

Small & Cheap Indoor Growing Environments From Primal

Primal offers you the leading products in grow tent manufacturing. We have everything you need, with a huge selection of sizes to suit any residential or commercial setup.

Rugged, Durable Materials
Our range of tents come with a design featuring durable 1680D Oxford canvas, tear, and rip-resistant material. You can expect high wear resistance.

We carry some of the best gear featuring high-quality materials and designs you can trust for your indoor garden.

Double-Stitched Seams
They feature double-stitched seams. The corners won’t tear, and the zippers won’t separate. You get a completely light leak-proof enclosure for your plants.

Large Doors and Viewing Ports
They feature large doors for placing and removing plants with ease. The stitching on the zippers won’t break, and the zippers don’t snag, even with repeated use.

Rip open a Velcro viewing window and avoid opening the door to maintain the climate conditions in your tent while checking on your plants.

Mylar lining
Our tents come with mylar lining to increase the light reflection inside the environment. Mylar prevents the light from escaping the sides of the canopy. With a reflective surface on the sides and floor, you increase light penetration through the canopy and to the underside of the plant.

Steel Frames with Easy Assembly
They come with steel frames that snap together in seconds. You get a fast and easy setup that’s easy enough for one person to handle.

The lightweight frame features a design with powder-coated steel tubing and smooth corners to prevent tearing on the tent material during setup.

The frame comes with overhead hanging bars for your lights and fan, ensuring you have adjustability on any side of the tent. Can hold up to 140lbs.

Grow Tents FAQ:

Q: Do I need an expensive grow tent to start growing an indoor garden?
A: While expensive ones usually signify high-quality materials and design, you don’t need the top-of-the-range when you’re starting.

Brands like Mars Hydro offer you a cheap but reliable tent. You get all the characteristics and features of the top brands but at a reasonable price point.

Q: What is the best tent in your product range?
A: We like the Mars Hydro series for an affordable, high-quality tent you can trust. Large or small tents are available. The heavy-duty material won’t tear or leak light, and the durable steel frame holds everything together securely.

You get a mylar lining for extra reflection from your grow light and ducting ports and viewing windows, with a large zipper entry door.

It’s available at an affordable price for any beginner or advanced grower looking to invest in affordable but reliable equipment.

Q: Do you have choices for complete grow kits with everything I need to start growing?
A: Yes, we offer complete grow kits with everything you need to start your indoor garden included in one system.