FC6500 LED Grow Light

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Are you looking for commercial-level performance from your lighting setup? Large mothering rooms and cloning propagation rooms can benefit from this Samsung OSRAM model. It comes with everything the indoor gardener needs to grow the best-quality plants with higher yields.

You get high-capacity output with waterproofing and flexing action, making it ideal for use in humid growing conditions. The FC6500 comes with eight passive lighting bars, an Inventronic driver, and commercial capabilities suitable for the most advanced home setups.

There’s full dimming control to match your lighting requirements. If you want the highest output, functional performance, and top-quality components, this OSRAM model is a top choice for your indoor garden.

650 watt draw, 5×5 coverage.

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Efficient, Energy-Saving LED Chips:
These lights feature the best-in-class Osram 660nm and Samsung LM301 LED chips, featuring a high efficiency in operation, offering energy usage of only 2.8 µmol/J. This light is the highest capacity in the series, with 2688 LEDs powering the unit. 650 watt draw.

White Full-Spectrum Light:
You get a full-spectrum white light with the closest representation to natural sunlight. This light suits all stages of plant growth, from vegetative to flowering.

Higher Harvest Yields and Better Quality:
Users report the best yields with these lights, with a 50% improvement in harvests than older LED tech and conventional HPS lights. Growers can expect up to 2.5grams per watt with an average PPFD.

Daisy-Chaining Functionality:
These OSRAM lights come with daisy-chaining functionality, allowing the connection of up to 15 units on a single system. You get control over all units through a single master light in the chain.

Aluminum Heatsink with Removable Driver and No-Fan Design:
This lighting system comes with a removable driver and fan-less aluminum heatsink.

Flexes 180-Degrees with 1p65 Waterproof Rating:
The frame flexes 180-degrees on a center pivot, allowing for easy directional positioning of the light. You also get an IP 65 waterproof rating for use in damp tents and greenhouses.


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